Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tattoo Essay

If you want a tattoo, you should know all the facts, before you ACT!! Tattooing is a form of permanent body art. It involves inking the skin with hot needles, Black ink is mainly used. Tattooing features symbols and pictures of all sizes, for example taken from the natural world, as well as names and loved ones. It all started in the Pacific Islands where natives and slaves, convicts and sailors, wore these permanent pictures as identifying marks, or as decoration. On the other hand, in recent days tattooing has grown popular, especially with celebrities who have sparked an interest in tattoos, people such as 50 Cent and Brittney Spears.

Death of a Salesman

To What Extent Does 'Death of a Salesman' deal with modern issues such as materialism, consumerism, procrastination and alienation, in Act 1 of the play? 'Death of a Salesman' deals with many modern issues appropriate to the genre of tragedy. Materialism is an issue presented in the play as a flaw of the main character Willy Loman, who not only is far too materialistic, but places material importance on the wrong things. This is partly owing to the issue of consumerism, which has permeated his beliefs and actions. Willy Loman also procrastinates as a theme throughout the play, in various detrimental ways.